Deep but not desperated thoughts

Hey,Hope you guys had a nice day. Mine was ok, because I met my aunt. Right now, she's the most important person in my life, except of Johannes, who I still love, but want to hate (he doesn't count).We mostly have great conversation and discussions about everything like god and the whole world, the universum and modern society. Some years ago, while meditating, I came to the realization, that I have a soul. And my soul has a special place inside of my body, it's my left ankle, that one I hurted many times. And I got hurted there, always around that time, when I really didn't feel alive or happy. That was, because of my soul, actually my soul is my ankle and when my soul got hurt, I hurted my ankle. For about 4-5 years I wasn't aware of this way of thinking, but today, while talking to my aunt, she helped me to understand this, without knowing it by herself. Furthermore, there are these common contrarities, psychical and physical. But there is something missing, I think. The soul is left behind. You have (for example) your brain to think, while you also have (for example) your heart to feel. Your brain is psychical and your heart is physical. But the soul is missing. Some may think, that a brain and a mind are the same, but they are not. With your brain, you think all-day-stuff, like: I get up at 7am, I got to work, I come home from work, I meet friends, I enjoy the eve, I eat, I drink. With your mind, you think physological things, just like these thoughts, something deep, something with a background. With your heart, you think love, or to express it commonly: With your heart, you feel love.PeaceSeraphyn

3.5.16 19:58

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