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Hey This blog won't just be about sad things, but I created it, 'cause I need to tell someone, who doesn't know me, my ex-boyfriend or the whole situation. He, (Johannes) just broke up with me this tuesday, april the 26 in 2016. I feel destroyed, crashed on the ground. I didn't even do so much wrong and he still loves me, like I still love him. Some friends, who know the whole situation and the two of us and who know him and know me also said, that it wasn't a real and explainable reason to quit this relationship. It's okay, that he did that. It hurts yes and he's really stupid, that he won't tell the real reason to me, but well, I have to live with it. I'll just try to forget him...It's saturday, the 30.4.16 now and I feel different today, because many things happened. We actually wanted to make some party on 'fathersday', which is the 5.5.16 and so we created a What's App group with 16 members, also Johannes. For me, that was ok, I would just behave normal and objective towards him but suddenly, they kicked me out of that group, without saying anything. My best friend (he's called Jan and is in that group) tried to convince them, how stupid it was and also told Johannes how mean he behaved. I was just destroyed IN the ground. Like, you began to accept the situation how it is, you still lay on the ground, and then, the person, that you still love, comes and kickes you in the face. Jan got me off that stupid shit and he got me off from Johannes, just by doing something ese, that I wouldn't think so much about that. And it kinda worked. We first just talked about other stuff and then we tried a new sort of zigs (Camel, even if it's a dromedary on the box :D ) and we drank some beer and scotch (which we both really like) and we talked while he cared for me. Later, he brought me home but trying to sleep got hard again, because I always thought of Johannes and all that, what has happenend. I slept from just 2am to 5am but I'm awake now. I tried to do different things, to keep me off thinking about him. I talked to friends and thought of a plan of revenge for him having kicked me out of that group and having pulled all those 'friends' into our fight which destroyed a part of my circle of friends. But maybe it just showed their real faces. Maybe it even has been god, that that has happened 'cause now, it's clear, they don't want me just because, yeah.. dunno..Hey, it's getting better right know, with everything that happends and with every hour that passes over. Peace!

30.4.16 12:51

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