Hey My actual name is Fynn Zerá, but once my best friend gave me that nickname, Zerafynn, which i changed into Seraphyn. Tayenn is the 2. name, which my mother had, when she was a child. I feel more conected to her family then to my fathers. I'm 17 years old now, was born the 27.1.1999 in a little town in England. But I lived there for just about 2 months, then we moved to Germany where I still live. I was raised in a bilingually, because my father didn't speak german. But they got divorced, when I was 13 and my father went back to England, to his home town. I just met him a few times, since that, but it's okay how it is. I love motorbikes and rock, metal, emo and punk music. I like tats and piercings and I enjoy reading. I play keyboard and like watching films or series/animes. Hope that is enough that has to be said about my person. You'll get some more facts when reading some entries. I you want to ask anything, just write me a message! Peace Seraphyn

Alter: 19

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Musiker: Metal
Bücher: Phantasy
Hobbies: Motorbikes

Orte: Natur

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